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Project Information

Name – Santa Sophia Catholic School

Value – AUD $150,000,000

Location – Box Hill, NSW, Australia

Main Contractor – Buildcorp Constructions

Santa Sophia Catholic School, Australia

Site Conditions / Challenges

  • This project was not connected to sewer during construction

  • Without Washbox all washwater would have been trucked off site along with waste water from amenities

  • Keeping washout water separate reduced the cost of off site waste water processing

Washbox Solution Implemented

  1. 1 Pallet based Washbox was deployed for the full duration

  2. Washbox provided washout on the project without the need for plumbing connections for water or discharge

  3. Washbox was available for use by all trades



  1. Washbox saved the project money by reducing the amount and cost of off site waste water processing.

  2. 57,332 litres of discharge was eliminated by Washbox by recycling all the washwater on the site.

  3. Productivity and quality on the site increased

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