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Washbox Announces Global Partnership with on World Water Day

Australia – 22 March, 2024

Today, on World Water Day, Washbox, the award-winning innovator in construction technology, is proud to announce a transformative partnership with, a global non-profit dedicated to providing access to safe water and sanitation to families living in poverty.


This collaboration represents a significant step forward in Washbox's mission to innovate and promote sustainability in the construction industry, aligning two organisations committed to making a positive global impact.


Washbox is the only multi-trade tool, closed-loop wash station for construction projects.


By recycling wash water from painters, plasterers, tilers, blocklayers, and all wet trades, Washbox saves 98% of the water normally used by trades and completely eliminates the discharge of liquid waste pollution to the environment.


Andrew Crimston, Founder and CEO of Washbox, highlighted the significance of the partnership.


"At Washbox, we envision a construction industry that prioritises sustainability.


“Our goal is to inspire world builders everywhere, to enable them to be the stewards of their own environmental impact and drive better project outcomes for the community as a whole. Mr Crimston said.


Through the partnership with, Washbox's measurable achievements in sustainability will translate into real-world change.


For every week of Washbox hire globally and every 1,000 litres of water saved, Washbox will make a donation to on behalf of construction project teams and their clients, contributing to's mission of helping people in need get access to safe water and sanitation through affordable financing.


Melanie Mendrys, Global Director of Brand and Marketing for expressed gratitude for the partnership, emphasising the importance of collaboration to help solve the global water crisis.

“Around the world, 1 in 4 people lack access to safe water and 2 in 5 lack access to a safe toilet. We are grateful for the support of partners like Washbox to help change this.


“Together, we will empower families in need with lasting access to safe water at home, and the hope, health and opportunity that flow from it,” Ms Mendrys said.


Used on a diverse range of construction projects globally, from residential developments to large-scale infrastructure works, Washbox promotes sustainable construction practices.


Its versatility and effectiveness make it an essential tool for any project seeking to minimise environmental impact and enhance productivity.


Crimston added, "Our technology is designed to be easily integrated into any construction project, providing a seamless solution for sustainable water management.


“On construction sites, trades often wash their tools in drinking water, resulting in a tremendous waste of resources.


“Washbox addresses this issue by saving water and preventing the discharge of contaminated water into the environment.


"We are proud to partner with, an organisation that shares our vision of a better world.


“Together, we are taking meaningful steps towards a future where sustainable practices are the norm, and access to safe water is a reality for all," Crimston concluded.


Washbox has been recognised for its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the construction industry with several prestigious awards.


The company won the Product Category at the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) Awards and was named among the Top 10 Green Building Products by BuildingGreen, Inc.


Additionally, Washbox was honoured as a global Top Innovator in the UpLink - World Economic Forum's Urban Sustainability Challenge and was a winner in the Ocean Impact Organisation's INNOVOCEAN 2023, securing the overall 1st Runner Up position and the Plastic Pollution Spotlight Award for its benefits in eliminating microplastic pollution of waterways.


For more information about Washbox, please visit the Washbox Website.

For media enquiries or interviews with Founder and CEO Andrew Crimston, please contact Karleigh Pearson, director of Lucky Boy Agency, at 0478 098 600 or

About Washbox:


Washbox is a leading provider of sustainable construction technology, offering a multi-trade, closed-loop wash station that significantly reduces water usage and eliminates liquid waste pollution. The mission of Washbox is to bring innovation and inspiration to world builders, creating a new normal where construction practices are both efficient and environmentally responsible.


About is a global nonprofit organization that has positively transformed more than 63 million lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis. For more than 30 years, they have helped give women hope, children health, and families bright futures. Learn more at

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